USB Product

SGJET 7+5 Dual USB 2.1 A Extension Cord

  • 5V, DC 2.1 A Dual USB for mobile, tablet and more USB powered devices charging.
  • Four 2 Pin Sockets to connect 4 Devices at a same time.
  • Three 3 Pin Sockets to connect 3 Devices at a same time.
  • ABS high grade Plastic is used for body of extension board.
  • Heavy duty three core Main Lead used to transmit power to 2.7 meter long Distance.
  • 5 Safety on/off Switches controls 7 sockets. User experiences individual on/off functioning to Device’s.
  • 6 Ampere Fuse Protector for overloading and sort-circuit protection.
  • Two Wall mounting Point on back side of the product.
  • User can put total load on the strip up to 800 Watt Maximum.
  • This device is not suitable for Press, Gyser, Microwave, Electric Immersion Rod and steamers Etc.
  • This Device is Suitable to connect LED TV, Monitor, Computer, Laptop, Mixer grinder, Refrigerator, Fans, LED lights and more devices as total load on the strip maximum to 800 Watts.